Hourly and daily rates are available for the following: 


  • On-site Consultation: Student / Program observations, data collection, and record review, to garner recommendations for student specific needs and / or program needs

  • NEW SERVICE  Virtual Consultation: If direct consultative services are a challenge due to location/travel, virtual consultation is an option. 

  • Team Meetings / IEP Meetings: To share recommendations related to student specific programming or general classroom programming.

  • Consultation Reports: Detailed written report of programming suggestions, examples of supports, and resources.

  • Coaching: Individual coaching and / or consultant coaching and training for school and / or district teams based on a coaching model utilizing evidence-based practices to develop sustainability in meeting the overall programming needs of students with ASD.

  • Assessment / evaluations:

    • Independent Educational Evaluations (IEE) to determine eligibility criteria for an educational impairment of autism.

    • Speech / language evaluations to determine student communication needs.

  • NEW SERVICE  Webinars: Live and recorded webinars, from 1 - 3 hours in length, regarding any aspect of ASD or condensed versions of full day trainings, are available. This is a great option for groups that would like to share pertinent information in a short amount of time, to as a many people as possible via the Internet! Webinars can be customized to meet your groups needs, including live and/or archived for a period of time for flexibility in viewing.



“Thanks so much for all you do for our district! We are so fortunate to have your ideas and support. Your services have resulted in a lot of real change for us.”

Joe Monroe, Director of Pupil Service

School District of Monroe


“Thank you for spending time with us and answering

our many questions.  Your report was very informative 

and student specific which made it easy to develop

many of your ideas and put them in to place.  We have lots more

work to do but, feel great about our efforts.”

Special Education Teacher

Sauk Prairie School District