“I have attended a number of workshops where you present, and have learned more valuable information from you in five minutes than in all the other autism presentations I have attended put together.  Whenever people ask for ideas for presenters, your name goes at the top of my list.  The way that you explain autism and make sense of it for people, professionals and laypeople alike, is phenomenal.  Your suggestions for supports and interventions are right on target and always useful.  Whenever I consult with someone about autism, or do an inservice, I quote you or use the information I have learned from you.  Thank you for this.”

Cathy Leeson 

Speech-Language Pathologist

Arcadia School District


“I don't know that I have ever felt that a conference was so on target with what I needed to learn. Your presentation style, visuals and pace helped to make your information clear and memorable. I would appreciate knowing where I can go to hear you present on any of the topics you mentioned.”

Carolyn Finck

Green Hills AEA SLP


“Excellent presentation, content and format. I feel I have gained a wealth of ready to use ideas that will increase my capacity and confidence to work with kids with ASD. Thank you, Susan, for sharing your expertise to help me be a better educator! Well done! Thanks for providing this workshop – a very productive day!”

CESA 2 training participant


“I attended your workshop on February 4.  I've never done this before, but I had to write and let you know what an impact your ideas have had on my classroom.  I have attended numerous autism training sessions and workshops, but yours has made a real difference. Again on behalf of myself and my students thank you for a phenomenal workshop!”
Deb Burke
Early Childhood Special Education Teacher
Oconomowoc Area School District


“I just wanted to let you know how thoroughly I enjoyed your 2-day conference in Brandon. So often I go to PD that I find interesting, but then return to work on Monday not knowing what to do with the information....this is the first PD I've been to where I have come away with real-life, practical strategies that I can start using immediately in my schools. Needless to say, I am thrilled........THANK YOU!!!!”

Beth Harley Lang

School Psychologist

Southwest Horizon School Division

Manitoba, Canada


Susan provided our team with a student consultation and I found her observations to be clear, concise and insightful.  Her report and follow-up meeting addressed the teams' questions and concerns for our student.  Susan gave positive, helpful suggestions with proactive strategies that when implemented proved to be extremely beneficial.   Her programming suggestions were described in detail and could be used effectively in the classroom setting.  Team members walked away feeling supported with ideas and practical strategies to try immediately.  


 Jan Pilling, M.S., CCC-SLP

Brandon, MB, CA


The School District of Superior was fortunate enough to work with Susan through the WI DPI Autism Mini-Grant.  Susan has helped us transform how we provide services to our students with ASD.  She delivers her extensive knowledge and experience in all the areas of evaluation and intervention for students with ASD in a positive and down-to-earth manner.  She has been generous with her ideas, a wonderful member of our District collaboration process with our teams and always provides realistic positive feedback which benefits the needs of our students and development of our teachers.  Personally, I have learned so much more than I ever anticipated from Susan and am so grateful for the opportunity to have worked closely with her.

Mary L. Balcer MA, CCC/SLP
Augmentative Communication Specialist
School District of Superior